My name is Samanta, 

I have always been divided between technology and manual work of all kinds.
These are the reasons why I work on IT and, at the same time, I did not give up on bringing the manual back to digital. (A graphic designer in the house helped a lot hehe!)

The iPad is part of my bag since years, needless to say that not having to waste a lot of materials is more than inviting to experiment, as well, as allowing me to use some creations in web development.

As anticipated in the homepage, I have always had the dream of opening a small shop, these little ones where you can find a lot of everything handmade.

This is the starting point, then who knows.

I'm allergic to the lens but this image gives an idea of how I am ...

Maybe I will decide to take a presentable photo, in the meantime I leave you in my little world and I hope to meet you soon!